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Episcopal Day School believes in implementing a strong academic program with particular emphasis on the basic academic skills and encouraging each child to strive to attain his/her maximum potential. We further believe in guiding each child in his/her spiritual growth, fostering a love for learning, and instilling in each child a respect for oneself and others. It is our intent that these beliefs be accomplished within the context of a Christian community where each person – student, teacher, administrator, and staff member – is seen and valued as a child of God, and where truth and the freedom which truth provides will ever be sought.


The Episcopal Day School is fully accredited by the Southwest Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) and the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC,) a division of the Texas Education Agency.

History The Episcopal Day School, an educational outreach of the Church of the Advent – Episcopal, has been serving the community of Brownsville since 1948. What began as a dream to provide a superior educational environment has become an institution of learning that is grounded in a tradition of academic excellence and spiritual formation.
Our Mission The mission of the Episcopal Day School is to nurture each child so that he/she may learn to seek knowledge, love truth, and respect his/her Creator and all that He has created. The students of the Episcopal Day School know they will always be a part of a school family where relationships remain strong and supportive. Alumni move into their futures with the knowledge and the friendships that will shape their history. They are anchored in an education that has given them inquiring and discerning hearts with courage to venture forth as competent, capable, and caring members of our ever-changing society. The alumni of the school value the learning they have received. In turn, the Day School values each and every student who has been a member of the EDS family. (Written by Helen Taylor, Former Staff Member)
Philosophy At the Episcopal Day School, we believe in implementing a strong academic program with particular emphasis on the basic academic skills. Our students are guided in their physical, mental, emotional, social, aesthetic, and spiritual growth within a disciplined, stimulating, and creative environment. We believe in fostering a love for learning and instilling in each child a respect for himself/herself and others. This is accomplished within the context of a diverse, multicultural community where each person – student, teacher, staff member, administrator – is seen and valued as a child of God.
Religious Life

The Episcopal Day School is a Christian church school and religion is an integral part of our program. Each school day begins with a Chapel service in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church.  The Chapel service is usually led by the Director and/or the school Chaplain, who is an Episcopal clergyman.  Instruction is based on the messages in the Holy Bible and not on the doctrine of the Episcopal Church.


We know parents guide the religious journeys of their own children, so our goal is simply to teach respect for each other regardless of individual differences. Consequently, our students tend to show one another kindness and respect.


Attendance and participation at daily Chapel service is required of all students and faculty. Parents, relatives, and friends are invited to worship at any of the services and/or programs throughout the school year.

Laurie began her ministry at Advent in August of 2012. As assistant Rector she supervises Youth ministry and Christian Education for the Youth, Acolytes, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors, as well as pastoring the 8:30 am Spanish service. She also oversees the pastoral care ministries. Laurie is the Chaplain for our Episcopal Day School which includes 2-K through 6th Grades.

The Rev. Laurie McKim – Rector

Kevin leads the youth ministry, children’s chapel on Sunday mornings, and assists with morning Chapel at our Day School. He is also our catechist for preparing our teens for Confirmation.

Kevin Armstrong – Youth Director

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